About Dog Sledding

Any age or physical ability can participate in dog sledding Why would you want to try a dog sled trip? Or, if you are already a dog sledding fan, why should Ely be your dogsledding destination?

Those who are already familiar with dog sledding can tell you that there is nothing like the quiet swoosh of a dog sled cutting through the undisturbed snow. Many winter enthusiasts enjoy snowmobiling. But the noisy, rumbling experience of a snowmobile compares to mushing like the noisy rush of a motorboat versus the quiet gliding of a sailboat or canoe.

Plus, besides cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, dog sledding is the only way to travel into the Boundary Waters Wilderness. This is an area made for dog sledding!

Anyone can do it

Any age or physical ability can do dog sledding!Any age with any physical ability is able to take part in dog sledding. No special fitness level or skills are required (unlike skiing, skating or other winter spoirts).

It is truly a family-friendly sport. Kids love it because they are able to drive the sled after just a bit of instruction. Women love it because the skills involved - communication, endurance, adventure - come naturally to them. Even mothers with newborns are able to ride along. There just isn't anyone who can't participate on whatever level is comfortable for them.

Disabled travelers can equally experience the rush of the sled dog adventure. Since no particular physical ability or skill level is necessary to enjoy dog sledding, Ely is a great winter vacation destination for those seeking accessible travel. Read more about sled dog vacations for disabled travelers here.

Types of Trips

Dog sledding in Ely, MN Some locations around the country that offer dog sledding just take you out for a short ride or a day trip.

Ely offers that, too, but so much more! Available are lodge-to-lodge vacations where you can mush a team on beautiful wilderness trails each day and enjoy great meals in cozy northwoods cabins each evening. There are dogsled camping trips to match several comfort levels. In between staying in a lodge and camping on the trail is the option of staying in a yurt, which is an insulated Mongolian tent-like shelter with a wooden frame and a canvas skin. Heated, a yurt provides the warmth and comfort of a lodge with the remoteness of a camp site.

And, of course, there are also day trips and group trips available.

Why choose a dog sledding trip that involves camping for a few days out in the wilderness? As one outfitter explained, "Those that go on the extended camping trips are not the same person on Day 3 as they were on Day 1." People who have taken these trips describe them as a "trip of a lifetime."

The various outfitters in Ely have packages that cater to all age groups, experience levels and desire for adventure. Visit the Ely Chamber of Commerce site to discover what is available for you in Ely.

What is a dog sled outfitter and what do they do?

Outfitters plan your trip for you and provide you with everything you need for the best experience possible. You can show up not knowing a thing and rely on their experience to guide you. Dog sledding vacations are known to be one of the best vacation bargains, as well! Read more about sled dog outfitting here.

What's the best part of dog sledding?

Sled dogs at an Ely outfitterAnyone who has done it will tell you - it's all about the dogs. One of the favorite parts for just about everyone is interacting with the dogs, something all guests are encouraged to do. You’ll not only be driving your own dog team, but you can help harness, feed and care for your dogs.