Dogsled Outfitters

Ely Minnesota sled dog outfitterTaking your dog sled vacation in Ely, Minnesota, has a distinct advantage: Ely has several outfitters in the area who specialize in dogsledding trips. They are in the dog sled outfitting business because they love the area, love the dogs and, when you get your trip outfitted by an Ely dog sled outfitter, you have the right gear, the best training and the expert advice you need for a perfect trip. Ely's mushing outfitters have outfitting packages that run the gamut from day trips to yurt and trail camping, to trips that go from lodge to lodge each day with gourmet dining included. Whatever your comfort level, whatever your desire for extreme adventure, one of the Ely outfitters will design the perfect dog sledding vacation for you. Find the perfect dog sled trip outfitter for your winter vacation in Ely, Minnesota.