BWCA Dog Sledding

In the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, dog sleds are the only way, besides skiing and snowshoeing, to gain access. What's there? Pristine snow. Nobody around for miles (access controlled by US Forest Service). No motors. True wilderness experience like no other.

Ice Fish by Dog Sled

The million-acre Boundary Waters Wilderness is famous for fishing. Each year, over 200,000 people visit in the summer, traveling along the more than 1500 miles of canoe routes. Why? Not only the natural beauty but the great fishing. Walleye, Northern, Lake Trout. And good size!

About Ely, Minnesota

Voted "America's Best Small Town," Ely, Minnesota is a historical mining town with an upscale twist, boasting good eateries and impressive wine selections. Artists of all kinds live tucked into the nearby forests and the town becomes a gallery during the Ely Winter Festival in February each year.

About Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a sport for all ages and all physical abilities. Anyone can ride in a sled and even a kid can drive! From babies to octogenarians, from handicapped to athletes, from beginners to experts, all experience the thrill of a lifetime riding or driving a dog sled in Northern Minnesota.

Ice Fishing by Dog Sled

Ice fishing lake trout BWCA One of the activities that is combined with a dog sled trip into the BWCA is ice fishing. Why? Clear cold water and good management have made for one of the finest fishing destinations in the country. Eat what you catch, and feel good about it, too. In the wintertime, the prized fish is the Lake Trout – the largest of all North American trout. It commonly grows to 10 lbs or more – and tastes great grilled over a fire, with plenty of Omega 3s and healthy fats to keep you warm at night, too. These fish spend the summers on the bottom of some of the coldest, deepest lakes. This makes them illusive, and hard to catch in the summer. Come winter, lake trout move up to shallower areas, are active all winter and become super aggressive in their feeding. This translates to Good Fishing with plenty of Action on the line. Minnesota's top native lake trout fisheries are in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. The best time to catch them is during the winter season. The easiest way to get to these remote lakes is via dog team. Thus, the dogsled-ice fishing combo trip is born.